This winter the parks at Timberline have been going off! With lots of snow early on we got the majority of our rails and boxes out on the hill by the end of December. Here is a current list of what we have in the parks:


1)Large and Med Jump 1

2)Large and Med Jump 2

3)Large and Med Jump 3

4)30ft up box

5)20ft up box

6)Down Flat Box

7)Up Down Box

8)30ft Flat Rail

9)20ft Flat box

10)Flat down Rail

11)Down Flat down Rail

12)Small Wall Stall

13)Flat Up Rail


1)Med Jump 1

2)Med Jump 2

3)Med Jump 3

4)Med Jump 4

5)Rainbow Box

6)20ft A Frame


8)Flat Corrugated

9)30ft Double Barrel

10)Flat Down Rail

11)Corrugated Bonk

12)20ft Up Box

13)20ft down rail

14)10ft tank

15)20ft Ledge

16)C box

17)C box

18)Pyramid Box

19)Barrel bonk


 1)Small Jump 1

2)Small Jump 2

3)Sideways barrel

4)10ft Flat Box

5)10ft Flat Box

6)Small 10ft Flat Box

7)Medium Rainbow

8)10ft Corrugated

9)Med Jump 1

10)Med Jump 2

11)Barrel stall

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Hope your winter is going well!!!!!