Plans In Place To Conserve Resources, Recycle And Use Renewable Energy

In Staging The Premier Winter Action Sports Event In Aspen/Snowmass

ASPEN, Colo. ESPN Winter X Games Nine, scheduled for Jan. 29 Feb. 1 in

Aspen/Snowmass, is enhancing its continued efforts to be

environmentally responsible with the help of Aspen Skiing Company and

other local supporters. The two primary goals of this initiative are: to

make Winter X Games Nine a carbon-neutral event and to minimize the

consumption of consumer products and waste. In basic terms, the plan for

a carbon-neutral event calls for all carbon dioxide, which is the

primary greenhouse gas generated during the event (this includes lifts,

snowmobiles and on-mountain vehicles) to be offset by carbon credits. To

accomplish these goals, the Winter X Games Nine event planning staff is

collaborating with Aspen Skiing Company, Holy Cross Energy, New Century

Transportation, Wallys Recycle Service and other local vendors.

Working with Aspen Skiing Company, Winter X Games Nine plans to assist

in the fight against global warming by reducing emissions through the

use of bio-diesel fuel in heavy equipment on the mountain and in public

transportation buses throughout the city. Following the lead of Aspen

Skiing Company, which already runs the Summit Express lift using

renewable energy, the Winter X Games will utilize wind power and carbon

credits as power sources for the event, collaborating with local green

utility Holy Cross Energy.

In the process of building the SuperPipe for Winter X Games Nine, the

combined efforts of Aspen Skiing Company and ESPN saved approximately

five million gallons of water by excavating the pipe out of the natural

grade of the mountain and then building the decks by reusing dirt from a

local construction site. This also saved on the total amount of energy

used to produce the snow for the course.

As the X Games franchise continues to grow, it is as important as ever

to focus on utilizing new energy sources, conserving natural resources

and making even more of an effort to educate fans on the value and

vulnerability of our environment, said Chris Stiepock, Winter X Games

General Manager. Because the Winter X Games connects with a young

demographic, specifically teenagers, of both spectators and viewers, we

are in a terrific position to lead by example and help educate this age


ESPN has also developed a comprehensive recycling plan for the Winter X

Games Nine venue. Receptacles will be placed around the venue for

spectators to recycle plastics, glass and aluminum. Behind the scenes,

environmentally friendly products such as recycled paper, napkins and

cups were purchased for usage in offices and catering. A full-scale plan

to recycle electronic waste such as video tapes, compact discs and

batteries, plus office waste such as mixed paper and cardboard, will be


Initiatives to educate the spectators are also in place. The plans

include public announcements and environmental trivia on the big screens

as well as volunteers around recycling receptacles to assist.

Aspen/Snowmass has been the Winter X Games host since 2002 and an

agreement with Aspen Skiing Company is in place to keep the event there

through 2007. Efforts made in the areas of habitat protection and

enhancement, energy and water efficiency, green development, waste

management, recycling and alternative transportation are what elevated

Aspen Skiing Company to serve as the countrys Green Leader in the

mountain resort industry.