Before we get to the finals, we should probably talk about the eliminations first! Fighting for a place in the Winter X Games final, for anything, is no easy task. So the 16 that were up for the battle had to go in hard but there was only going to be half of them going through. Andreas Hatveit had a good qualifying run, which you can see here, but there were some big scalps in the eliminations. Names like Elias Ambuhl, Sammy Carlson and Jossi Wells didn’t make the cut but the top 8 were a list to behold.

Elimination Results:

1. Nick Goepper – 93.33

2. Tom Wallisch – 92.33

3. Bobby Brown – 91.00

4. Andreas Hatveit – 89.00

5. Russ Henshaw – 88.33

6. PK Hunder – 88.00

7. Gus Kenworthy – 87.33

8. Alex Schlopy – 87.00

9. Sammy Carlson – 83.00

10. JF Houle – 82.66

11. Jacob Wester – 81.00

12. Henrik Harlaut – 80.00

13. Elias Ambuhl – 78.33

14. Jossi Wells – 77.66

15. Alexis Godbout – 72.33

16. Phil Casabon – 24.33

After an elimination round that saw Tom Wallisch beaten to the top spot by 1 point, you could tell that it was going to be heated. So what happened?

Well? take a look at the top 3:

As you can seeTom smashed it on his run to take the gold medal. He took the second place to Goepper in the eliminations as fuel to take him over the line in the finals. Andreas went one better than his 4th place finish in the elimination to take the bronze medal home to his wife and soon-to-be newborn.

Final results:

1. Tom Wallisch – 96.00

2. Nick Goepper – 94.66

3. Andreas Hatveit – 92.00

4. Gus Kenworthy – 89.33

5. Russ Henshaw – 89.00

6. PK Hunder – 86.33

7. Bobby Brown – 83.33

8. Alex Schlopy – 77.00

Now we just have to wait for the halfpipe finals tomorrow night (elimination is tonight) and the ski big air comp tomorrow night also! Don’t forget you can watch the LIVESTREAM here so don’t miss a beat!

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