Yesterday was the first day of practice for both slopestyle and halfpipe at the Snowbasin

Basin stop of the Winter Dew Tour. Slope practice began bright and early at 8:30 for the riders to have their first chance to inspect and take runs through the course. For the most part, the athletes were somewhat thrown off by the smaller features in comparison to the Breckenridge event. The course has a very tight layout consisting of two rail features up top straight into 3 jumps, and a final feature of either a canon box or a gap to a box in the back of a Toyota Tundra.

Although the course is much smaller than most of the athletes had anticipated, they seemed to be figuring it out by the end of the training session. There were barely any doubles being attempted in the course, although Jossi landed a couple smooth double 1260?s on the last jump.

Stay tuned for more news from each day of the Dew Tour in Snow Basin, Utah.