Winter in August is typically reserved for people who either live in the southern hemisphere or for the die-hard affluent skiers who can travel to rip it up there during our balmy months. But it can be possible, at least for a night, in Denver, CO with a few truckloads of ice arena snow.

Jiberish, a promising new ski softgoods company, brought in riders Corey Vanular, Craig Coker, and John Spriggs to pose for their premiere lifestyle and action product shoot. This was also in coordination with Level 1 Productions' effort to wrap up filming and editing with this crew for their segments in "High Five".

The evening of Sunday August 16th, summer of 2004, started out mild and mellow. The first photo-op was spent on the top of a tall building in the midst of an exclusive Denver cityscape. The riders wearing the velour jumpsuits and fleece one pieces that make up Jiberish loungewear laid back in beach chairs as ninjas repelled from helicopters circling around the rooftop shoot. But the night was still young, very young.

At around 11:00 pm a proper venue was decided upon involving a long, mellow, white, metal, flatbar double kink with a short inrun for the rail shoot. Generator, lights, two trucks of snow, cameras, Action! It was straight out of Transworld Skate…with the exception of the skis and snow. The early morning of Monday, Aug 17th was railicious. Light was sparkling off freshly sprinkled grass and hedges as Vanular, Coker, and Spriggs laid down their street stunts for sleepy camera jocks in a session that could be describe by some as "hellawickedsicktight". High fives were stomped all around, and most everyone went home to sleep until noon. And there you have it. Another crazy day in the action-fed lives of us ski folks.

As described by Freedle Coty

Thanks go out to:

Level 1 - Josh Berman

The Jiberish Crew -

Pete, Yosh, Frank, Boger, Vanular, Coker, Spriggs

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