p: @specicus

Zombie dodgeball facepaint can be as creative as you’d like. If you prefer to look like a classic movie zombie, Windells counselors can paint your face that way. If you prefer to channel Captain Jack Sparrow and other famous moustachioed individuals, that’s just as awesome, too. Above, camper @spencicus shows off his pirate-style stache.

And with that awesome example of what Windells is @spencicus, we bring you this week’s collection of instagrams, tagged #Windells. This is Windells through your eyes. To join in and maybe get your instagrams on the blog, tag your photos #Windells2012 and #funnestplaceonearth

p: @the_schwartz captured @austensweetin in the Concrete Jungle.

@SeanHarkins has been a member of the Windells family for years and now works for @SagaOuterwear in SLC, Utah. He came back to Oregon for the West Coast Sessions and took this instagram.

p: @tanakafari

p: @quentin_baker We love the enthusiasm for Windells!

p: @stephaniesuefeld is one of our awesome counselors and destroys on a snowboard! She just got to Oregon to ride Mount Hood for the spring before camp starts. She’s been posting tons of instagrams of the insane amount of snow on Timberline right now! Follow her to check it out!


p: @Flow_Snowboarding Nial Romanek hanging out with the Flow Microns–they’ll all be coming to camp for Team Takeover Session 7!


P: @csantz

p: rocmaloneyphoto