With the end of session five came the end of yet another amazing week on the glacier! This week we were blessed with the presence of guest pro's Jonah Williams, Keegan Kilbride, and Andy Parry. Just about everybody in the lane had to pick their jaw up off the snow more than once this week after watching Keegan's 450 mega disaster onto the down rail, as well as Jonah's first STOMPED corked 900 in the stunt ditch which he followed up with a flawless corked 1080 immediately afterward! All the boys taught the superpipe a lesson this week, to say the least. The tone of the week seemed to be "David Wise is out, the Windell's staff is in." From style grabs on and off rails to cork 1260 blunts, we've got all your summer ski content needs! Check out some of the best photo's of the week below and give the infamous "session edit" a watch!

Corey Jackson shows us how they do it on the other side of the globe pulling off a flawless Japan grab onto the down tube while expert digger Sawyer Sellingham AKA Track Pant Lord gets truly barreled for an over under pic!

Ski Coach, Filmer, Editor, and all around GREAT guy, Noah Curry AKA Dr. Oxygen presents his dissertation in the quarter pipe to receive his PhD in going big!

Keegan Kilbride sending what can only be described as a 400+ ft. gap to the down tube. What a boss!

Sequence shot by Windells certified photographer Andrew Mildenberger. Mr. Kilbride proving yet again that he deserved this years title of Superunknown winner. Put this guy in a managerial position already cuz he's such a boss!

2014/15 Level 1 Superunknown winner and fellow Windells coach Jonah Williams proving that transition skiing is now cooler than "urban" skiing by performing a textbook flat 3 in the QP!

@ScrappyJoeYoung AKA Two Short AKAKA Jody Low-Roller hits the mega gap to down rail, this feature went off this week!

"Mr. 29.97" AKA Gavin Rudy got wild with this new hand plant in the QP. XxXTransition or DieXxX

Visiting pro Lupe Hegarty, commonly referred to as "actual Jerry Garcia," gets his bronze on during this Cork 7 blunt. Suns out guns out!

A camper showing off his inner artist during our interpretive dance off this session. He's a future member of the JabbaWockeez, for sure!

CouncilGawd himself, Sam Winship, grabs blunt in the midst of a classic nose block.

Be on the look out for raw innovation in the halfpipe in this weeks session edit as well as the illusive @GoodEnoughBGK pure halfpipe edit that is online now! Go find it! Next week is looking sunny and sick so get ready for FIRE content coming your way!

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Check out the Session 5 Recap edit below!


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