Words: Josh Bishop

Photos: Darcy Bacha, Riley Snyder, Rocky Maloney & Nick Moring

If summer were a ski film, Session 4 would be the banger segment. Perpetual sun, incredible parks, and vast amounts of snow provided the foundation for new memories, hilarious camper quotes, and astonishing tricks. From flawless dub 12’s, to astounding rail trickery, and incredible style, the campers of Session 4 walked away from six days of bluebird weather genuinely stoked on their achievements. With the Armada team and the Technine crew hosting the week, the campers witnessed some of the best styles the snow sports world has to offer. Thanks to the photographic prowess of Darcy Bacha, Riley Snyder, Rocky Maloney, and Nick Moring, we have the largest collection of photos from the summer. Welcome to Session 4!

Collin Collins is a soft-spoken skiing savage that receives far too little media attention. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching him ski, be stoked and realize a star is in the making. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Mandatory snowboard shot! Austin Hironaka rolls the dice on the wallride/drop. Photo: Darcy Bacha

When not throwing triples on aerial jumps, future Olympic gold medalist Dylan Ferguson slays park. Here, he sends the SCI jump on a warm-up lap. Photo: Rocky Maloney

A few days into the session, everyone sent this gap from the pipe to a far away transition. Check out Dane Tudor getting down. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Spriggs sent it too… Photo: Darcy Bacha

And after a few hits laced a flawless dub flat 7. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Dylan Ferguson, keeping truck drivers in style one cork 7 at a time. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Luke “Ocho” Allen has 8 toes. Tell a friend. Photo: Rocky Maloney

No stranger to getting blunted, Ben Moxham stomps yet another blunt loop. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Before too much time expires, someone will compile a list of everything said by Tyler Barnes for the world to enjoy. Until that happens, believe me when I tell you, he is 1 part philosopher, 1 part insanely talented athlete. Photo: Darcy Bacha

McRae Williams holding it down on the Technine dream feature. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Andy Parry does alien grinds. It’s science. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Kiesel is a boss. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Blunt flips with Liam Downey. Photo: Rocky Maloney

JP Solberg was doing dubs in the pipe in 2007. That’s so fresh! Photo: Rocky Maloney

Max Peters slays and was kind enough to coach a few sessions this summer! Yeah dawg. Photo: Rocky Maloney

This one time in 4th or 5th grade, McRae was rollerblading and broke both arms after trying to boost a quarterpipe. That sounds much less enjoyable than getting a sequence of his 7 blunt. Sequence: Rocky Maloney

B-Dog, dropping a fresh right 7 for the camera. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Blunt flips are so hot right now. Get that Tosh Peters. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Head ski coach Witt Foster keeps it fresh with a shifty 2. Photo: Rocky Maloney

Alex Beaulieu has been here for a few sessions and continues to send it everyday. Congrats for being one of first campers to drop dub 12! Photo: Rocky Maloney

Back on campus, the Pipe2Pipe competition hosted some of the best skating our parks have ever seen. Photo: Nick Moring

Water balloons were thrown on the hot days… Photo: Darcy Bacha

Sponsor activities were focused around keeping kids cool… Photo: Riley Snyder

...and the slip-n-slide made multiple appearances. Photo: Riley Snyder

Other campers relaxed with Dania Assaly’s yoga sessions. Photo: Riley Snyder

Video analysis… Photo: Riley Snyder

Browsing the ever expanding campus store… Photo: Riley Snyder

…or testing the difference between Wallisch’s and Tanner’s new boots. Photo: Riley Snyder

Despite multiple warnings, campers still think they can conquer any challenge that involves milk drinking. Proving them wrong is an absolute blast. Photo: Nick Moring

I don’t know what happened here, but I’m sure prizes were won! Nicely done Ian! Photo: Nick Moring

Biking has quite the following on campus. Photo: Darcy Bacha

The dirt jumps are baller… Photo: Riley Snyder

The drops are wild... Photo: Riley Snyder

...and even the Free Flow Tour rolled into town! Photo: Riley Snyder

Tramping never losses its flavor, Ocho slays cork straight airs, and… Photo: Darcy Bacha

Even T-Hall made appearances on the tramps and all over the park. Having Tanner back on snow is truly inspirational and a testament to his love for skiing. If you see Tanner skiing or walking around campus, thank him for innovating our sport and let him know how stoked you are to have him back! Photo: Darcy Bacha

Unfortunately, injuries are one of the sad truths of skiing. Athletes deal with them on a seasonal basis, people heal, and despite gravity's best effort to thwart our progress, we persevere and continue participating in the sports we love. One of the greatest weapons athletes have against suffering is our sense of community...just ask Wallisch and his new friend! Photo: Riley Snyder

Camper Quotes!

Photo: Riley Snyder

"Windells is like Narnia except with a G in front of it."

Photo: Riley Snyder

"I have special powers for sure. Every time I fall asleep in a moving vehicle, I wake up at the destination."

Photo: Riley Snyder

"Oh my gosh, Dania! Tom Wallisch just talked to us. It was amazing. He told me that in 6 years he wanted to have a wife and kids."

"Who is that? He must get paid a lot" - Camper after watching Brady Perron ice a box.

"Dude, the yellow and red Scott Fix is martini's pro model. HOW DID YOU GET THOSE?"

"I just bought this banger shirt signed by Tom Wallisch...I could totally sell this shit at my home mountain for like 200 dollars."

Photo: Riley Snyder

"I just got cock blocked by Tanner Hall" - Camper Nick Moring after missing a chairlift makeout opportunity with a racer.

Photo: Riley Snyder

"Wait, you're a vegetarian? Then why are you eating peanut butter? Isn't that meat?" - Adult camper dropping knowledge.

Safe travels! Photo: Nick Moring

Mad props to the contributing photographers that made the Session 4 update happen: Darcy Bacha, Riley Snyder, Rocky Maloney, and Nick Moring. Thanks boys!

Windells Session 4