Words: Josh Bishop

Photos: Darcy Bacha & Riley Snyder

With 13 inches of new snow, menacing clouds, and dense fog, Session 2 had a slow start. Campus was waterlogged from heavy rains, everyone was cold and damp, but thanks to endless activities, energy was at an all time high. Despite the weather, campers, coaches, and guest pros welcomed the flat light with open arms and had no trouble learning new tricks in low visibility and cold temperatures. After a few days of snow and fog, the high alpine conditions cleared up and produced three days of bluebird skies for the end of the session. New tricks were thrown, campers conquered their fears with sunny day courage, and everyone at camp set the tone for the limitless possibilities of Windells Camp.

Here, Sammy Carlson sets the tone with a baller flat 3 out of the pipe.

Warming up is crucial during the summer. Thankfully, the public park at Timberline offers some great features to get your muscles moving every morning. Above, Steve Stepp gets blunted on a warm-up lap.

From spitting game on chair lifts, to mind blowing trampoline prowess, to staying stoked on cloudy days, Lyman Currier knows how to make the most at Windells Academy!

On campus, skaters thrive on some of the most creative, challenging, and enthralling wood and concrete parks in the Pacific Northwest.

When you master the park, feel free to explore your surroundings to produce creative shots.

If the concrete is still wet, B.O.B. houses some incredible features as well.

If skateboarding isn’t your thing, companies form both the ski and snowboard industries host sponsor nights with activities, prizes, and games.

If you want to win goggles, t-shirts, outerwear, and stacks of fresh gear, make sure to practice your relay skills before coming to camp.

Even in the rain, these events are an absolute blast.



Snake-run slalom! These are just a few of the activities offered at camp.

With the new dryslope in place, Session 2 saw the first dryslope rail jam take place on campus.

The level of talent was incredibly high and these boys took home new products for throwing down the hardest.

Eating contests are a great icebreaker here at camp. If you can stomach a doughnut topped with

peas, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, catsup, and mustard…this competition is for you.

Celebrating Holidays bolsters a sense of community! Did you commemorate National Go Sakteboarding Day?

Back on snow, the sun finally came out

Campers were stoked!

Backies were thrown…

Spriggs came out to session…

…and dream features were created and destroyed by skiers and snowboarders alike.

As always, twitter.com/camperquotes was full of the latest rhetorical insights straight from the mouths of the campers! Here are some favorites:

“I'm gonna custom order a 2XL POC helmet so I can layer it with my other helmet.”

“Are these seatbelts a recommendation or a requirement?” – overheard in the Windells Academy van.

“I haven't hit anything all day, what makes you think I'm going to start now?" – Barnes's camper on the foggiest day of the session.

“Dude...I want to ski in a lightning storm. Then, every time you afterbang, lightning bolts would strike!" – Bishop’s camper dreaming of the possibilities on a rainy day.

“One of my long term goals is to hook up with a girl on the chairlift." – Bishop’s camper talking about his goal sheet.

"Are we in Oregon or Washington?" – random camper in the breakfast line.

"Do they have hand sanitizer in Canada?"

“I don't know what happened. I was fighting for some free gear and got hit in the head" – bleeding camper after the product toss.

Dania Assaly gets the campers stoked for free gear!

At the end of the week, Disorientation allows campers to collect some gear in the product toss, win raffle prizes from sponsors, and recollect their most memorable experiences from camp. At 29 years of age, one adult camper fulfilled his life goal of stomping blackflips on snow, after doing his first 360 the day before. Another camper, age 9, was stomping her first front flips and 540’s.

Brady Perron sending off his campers in style.

Collin Collins making sure no camper goes home empty handed.

With the Sammy C Invitational set to take place on July 1st, Sammy was out sessioning his jump and getting comfortable on the largest feature at Timberline.

Set the tone!

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Windells Session 2