Windells ski coach Nicky Keefer is standing behind Saga Outerwear’s movement of correctly fitting clothing. More specifically; pants. In today’s world, this may seem outlandish. Some believe that the taller the tee, the better the skier. But what if Nicky is right? What if the size of your outerwear is not directly correlated to your ability level? What if bigger is not always better? We asked Keefer some questions to get inside the head of a trendsetting young man.

Q: Keefer! How was your summer season at Windells?

A: Hellllloooo! It was tons of fun in the sun… It was nice to be on my skis all year instead of just the winter. And what better place to be on skis this summer than Windells great weather and great park thanks to Chase Weaver the park manager.

Q: You were a coach for a couple sessions. Any memorable camper moments?

A: Umm, definitely a few unforgettable ones. Probably one of the memorable moments is when my campers entered into the Saga Activities on hill which led to some classic puking. As gross as it is…I still think it’s hilarious.

Q: Where did you grow up riding as a little grom?

A: I grew up in Huntsville, Utah skiing resorts like Snowbasin (Snowbasin holds the last dew tour stop) and Powder Mountain. Huntsville is about an hour north of Salt Lake City and is a tiny farm town. Definitely an interesting place growing up; compared to my friends that I’ve met throughout the U.S. Utah is a little sheltered, but at the same time; the state is possibly little more safe to raise your kids.

Q: What styles did you rock back in the day? What was your outfit on hill?

A: Ohh man, I used to have the hardest time trying to figure out what style worked best for me. I definitely got called out for looking like a gaper at Park City whenever I got the chance to get over there, where the real park scene is. I would wear the classic outerwear that you would wear when you went out to play in the snow when you were real young. Just try to imagine suits beyond suits.

Saga Presents- The Slims from Saga outerwear on Vimeo.

Q: Slims are in. Do you think they are here to stay?

A: Well in other snow sports yes.. but for skiing I think it will take a little more time to be that much more of established sport. So skiing will have “ALL” the different variety of styles that may take place in snowboarding and skateboarding. Hopefully people will stop caring so much about what’s cool and what isn’t and start wearing what they like to wear. PERIOD! Plus ski boots are kinda weird with slim pants cause they are just oddly shaped boots. The new Saga Slims are the answer.

Q: Did any campers hate on your Slim style?

A: No hate, but some of them where all about gangster this and gangster that. Huge pants here and huge tall tees there. Some were into ‘em though.

Q: The tall tee craze…tell us what you think.

A: Well depends on how tall. If it’s a dress than noooo. But if it’s just a slightly larger shirt to hang out of your hoody or jacket than suuure.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Keefer! Where can we find you this winter?

A: I’ll will be residing in Salt Lake City skiing Park City every chance I get! Also messing around in the rest of the Wasatch Mountain range filming for the new 4bi9 film. If you get a chance pick up our latest and greatest film “Begging for Change” at Do it!

There you have it, directly from Nicky Keefer himself. The message of the day is: wear whatever you want! Whether you are rockin’ the Slims, or sagging your pants down low, we want you to be on hill with us! Go check out Saga Outerwear’s entire winter collection and don’t forget to check out Nicky Keefer in 4Bi9′s new film “Begging for Change.”

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