Windells Camp was happy to welcome the Park family to the opening session of summer 2012. We had Ray, or “Super Dad”, Kristin, 9, and Ryder, who swore up and down he was 100 but, for some reason, we weren’t buying it. He later clarified with five fingers and a “this many”. Initially, Ray had planned for only his kids to snowboard as day campers, but decided that he wanted to be a part of the whole package and joined our Adult Camp session.

Kristin, a student at Killington Mountain School, came to camp to get better at freestyle snowboarding. Ray thought Windells would help his daughter gain confidence and ease her way into the park. Caitlin Kelly, Kristin’s coach, attested to this; Kristin rode her first box and hit her first jump in the Windells park! Ray was happy to see Ryder improve quickly throughout the week. By the end of the session he was riding top to bottom on his own and did it all with the contagious enthusiasm of a five-year-old.

Ray decided to get his family involved in snowboarding because it is one of the few sports that the whole family can do together. Windells Camp offers a unique opportunity for families to participate in all aspects of camp together, both on hill and on campus. He jokingly deemed himself “team manager” of his family, and he feels his time investment is paying off and the kids are more excited than ever.

Interested in coming out with your family? Check out Overnight, Day, and Adult camp options!

Coach Mary Rand and snowboarder Ryder Park pick a line in the Private Park