We headed to Windells Camp for the Public appreciation Day and Bonfire pipe 2 pipe skate comp. Remember the scene in Caddy Shack when they let the caddies swim in the private pool, yea it was kind of like that. The masses showed up to take advantage of the open campus and get some free skate.

Below (bottom left clockwise) is Aj Dakoulas (4bi9) Tyler Barnes, Sean Harkins (Windells Camp) and my good friend Dan Starr.

Before the crowds showed up for the comp there was open skate in the new cement facility on campus. Side note, it’s amazing!

Erica Durtschi and Brady Perron.

The story about the two dudes below is we all grew up together on the east and are now living our lives out west respectively. Every once in a blue moon we get to meet up for a minute, why not at Windells with bmx bikes.

A view from the top of the new dry slope bag jump, in the back is the new skate facility, Windells is on a take over program.

Dan Starr taking full advantage of public day, hasn’t back-flipped a BMX bike ever so he decided to try it on the big side.

I feel bad when ever I meet up with Steve Steep I always ask him to get a photo of some sort, this one skate. Thanks Steve.

This shred dawg was warming up for the pipe 2 pipe which was crazy though i did not manage to get a photo of it, too much fun? or blowing it?

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