The big guy. God.

He seems to be mad at me. I dont think he likes me. What have I done to deserve this boloney.

I am in this little "club" called Snowhawks. Snowhawks is like a travelling ski group. Every weekend we go to a different resort in the quebec/gatineau area for 8 weekends in a row. In the middle of January, during maybe the second outing, we were in tremblant. During my first run, I decided to try my first big lip on rail. Not such a good idea.Not enough speed and... I caught the tips of my skis on the front of the rail, bashed my knees into the side of the rail. It didnt feel so great. It took me a while to get up. When I did, and put my skis back on, I felt half confident that I could contiunue to ski the rest of the day. I didnt hit any other features that day, but when I got on the bus and looked at my knees, there seemed to be softballs growing out of my knees. I took this as a bad sign. 2 hours later, when I got off the bus and limped to the easy task, needless to say my knees were big. Got home, iced them all up...Next Morning, couldn't get out of bed. This was the first of a series of unfortunate events.

Two weeks later, the outing was to Mont Saint Marie and I promised myself that I wasnt going to get hurt. I broke that promise. Nearing the end of the day, I was doing fine, stomping my 270's out, completing every rail in the park with ease, having a good time with my friends. But one run, I hit the coffin box with a little too much speed, and slipped out at the very end. SLAM onto the sheer ice from 3 feet above with all my momentum. It didnt hurt that much, no more than any other fall I have taken, but I did think I was bleeding a bit. So I went and checked, and I wasnt. Skiied my last 2 runs, got on the bus, checked the hip(left)..."HOLY SHIT". This time, there was a football coming out of my hip. By the time I got home I was having muscle spasms, and it was getting bigger and more painful by the minute. So my dad made a decision and brought me to the hospital. The doctor said I had internal bleeding and severe tissue dammage. In other words, I had a big hematoma in my hip.

So I was out for the next month. I missed a couple of ski outings. I was pissed.

Then, two weeks ago, the doctor proclaimed me ready to ski again. So, I hit up the next ski outing, the dreaded Mont Saint Marie. On the bus, I usually listne to my ipod. My ipod is one of those first generation ipods..its oldschool, I love it. So I am riding along on the bus, talking with my friends, listneing tomy ipod, sleeping here and there...and all of a sudden, we are at the hill. So I quickly tuck my ipod into my bag will all my other gear and get off the bus.Put my ear in the chalet, get my stuff on, put my lock on my bag...and go skiing. Come back for lunch, and my bagis empty. Someone stole all my stuff. 500$, down the drain. I was pissed. But I continued to ski, andit was worth it. Me and my friends found this little kicker in some pow, and sessioned it for a while, and it was sweet. But I was still pissed.

Febuary 28th. Last Tuesday.

I asked my friend if I could go over to his house and use his computer to do this project(my computer is slow and I dont have a colour printer). So I was walking over, turned around the corner, and he was standing outside with his BB gun( I personally have no clue why he was jsut standing outside with a BB gun in broad daylight). I kept walking and he turned around and aimed the BB gun in my general direction, fired. The BB ended up in my eye. I went to the hospital and have been at the hospital every day since then. About 10 differnt doctors have seen my eye and have never seen anything like it. I am on 4 differnt drops and just finished my big bottle of pills. My vision is coming back a bit but the doctor's say it is too early to tell. I cant do anything physical for a month because if my blood pressure goes up atall there will be a rebleed in my eye and risk glacouma + never beeing able to see again. This really sucks and yet again, I cant ski. I am pissed.

Newschoolers has pretty much been my saviour. I have been on here reading with my one eye every day sincethe 28th. It is pretty much what keeps me going. So thanks Ns. THanks.

Have fun,