I agree it's a bit odd to be putting a techy issuse on an NS blog, but (I say) most of us love Apple (laptops/iPods/iTunes etc) because they are the most innovitive, progressive and stylish company outside the snowsports world. This is something we look for in a company, it's the same reason why we love Armada and Line skis.

The iPhone is going to be cool and fashionable for all its features and beautiful design, but it's not going to be the next iPod that Apple are aiming for. The iPhone will be out of most peoples reach with the price tags of $499 and $599.

At those prices its only going to be cool and fashionable for your Dad.

Fashions genearlly start with "the kids", but if they can't afford it themselves, then its not going to get very far.

I believe its not entirely Apples fault. The mobile phone industry is run by the networks and not by the manufacturers. The networks issuse about the pricing, 3G support and their lack of control over the product has delayed the launch of the iPhone and restricted the number of networks available (just AT&T).

I am hoping that, the mobile networks will see Apples ideas working for them just as they have for the music and movie industries. Apple will lower the price to something far less and that this all happens quickly. Otherwise, I fear it'll all be lost in grey suits and red tape.