On January 7th of 2022, NS admin "@TRVP_ANGEL" Posted a thread "PSA: Usage of the word tr**ny is now officially cancelled." The thread was also issued with a threat of Account Bans if the T word was used. The thread to date has accumulated a total of 3 pages of NS patron comments. The thread did result in Bans of NS members.

The official source cited by TRVP_ANGEL was an off-site Instagram page with 2400 followers called "@QueerCork." The Post referenced a meme with a butterfly stating "You can't say tr**ny even if it's referencing skiing" and an anime gentleman with the label "Bigoted Cis Skiers" asking "is this oppression." The description on the post below commanded that the word not be used in the comment section for he wants this instagram page to be a "Safe Space" for LGBTQ followers. The comment section was eventually turned off.

I was able to contact @Queercork for further information.

(First off some lingo and definitions to educate the reader.)

Cis = identifying with the gender you were assigned with at birth.

Transgender = Not identifying with the gender you were assigned with at birth. Transgender does not mean a surgery or hormones have been used.

Alrighty, so QueerCork is a Transgender person in their 20s who has skied for 20 years and is an NS member, even though QueerCork does not participate much in the site due to a lack of interest in the site's culture. From the start QueerCork made it clear that the purpose of the meme was not to ruffle feathers in the ski community even though it was a likely consequence. QueerCork understands that the Sport and its culture was created by White Heterosexual Males, and so such a meme naturally doesn't match the general demographic and its set of values and concerns.

Most conflicts QueerCork has is over general respect for Trans people in the form of misuse of pronouns, gendered terms, and the use of slurs. One of the reasons QueerCork was started was in order to offer a place for other Transgendered skiers to meet.

Conflicts over being transgender happens on the internet and on the hill. QueerCork cites cutting off ski friends due to their lack of effort in using appropriate language. Close friends and relatives often provide more conflict than random strangers. Generally random strangers do not know to use ungendered language, so these situations are without malicious intent even though they frustrate QueerCork


QueerCork made it clear that others in the Transgender community suffer more, for QueerCork chooses for social reasons to still appear as "Cis-Passing." This solves frustrations with job & housing security.

QueerCork says the Transgender journey is a journey of Self Truth, finding who you really are when you don't necessarily identify with what you've been assigned. The Journey of Self Truth can be Highly Criticized by Society.

Even though TRVP_ANGEL's thread provoked outcry from NS Patrons, QueerCork says that he did find an aspect of the community that was supportive of the cause. He cites that fellow allies are not fully understanding of it but they won't say words that make people upset.

QueerCork states that the word Tr**ny has a history of Violence, associating the word with lower life expectancies of trans persons. QueerCork finds frustration in people's Choice of Convenience over Trans People's Comfort and Safety.

QueerCork prefers people not use the T Word. QueerCork prefers you refer to Transitions as Transitions or even Trans. So saying to your friends in the park, "I'm gunna hit that Tr**ny," is NOT OKAY. But QueerCork Qualified that saying, "I'm gunna hit that Trans," is completely okay. QueerCork does say that this is what is okay in their mind. Other Trans Persons might disagree.

I asked QueerCork if there is a Win-Win option here for both sides, or a compromise. QueerCork said, "The bottom line is to not say something if someone says it upsets them." QueerCork highlights that the lives of Trans People are very difficult with having implications of Job & Housing security and general safety.

QueerCork finishes with saying, "Skiing is so fucking awesome, it would be cool if it could be more welcoming to everybody."


So that's the perspective. Do I as X_Ankilla, who has been banned multiple times for saying "bad words" on NS, agree with QueerCork's perspective? Not entirely, no. But I'm also not QueerCork and nor are my problems QueerCork's problems. Am I going to personally stop saying Tr**ny, no.

I personally find it Reprehenisble that a truly innocent skiing term can be "cancelled" and made punishable on a whim. Most skiers don't even go on NS anymore, so no one cares that it's "cancelled." QueerCork didn't tell me of a single time his transgender identity prevented him from skiing, so in no manner do I believe Skiing excludes LGBTQ. I personally in all my 15 years of skiing have never seen it either, even when Ankilla's Filmer Tim came out.

I believe in helping others, but I believe in helping yourself. It's a Duality throughout all of life. Safety is necessary, but Comfort Kills. QueerCork couldn't find a compromise with this issue, but I can.

Let's not call LGBTQ people names. But I'm still gunna Hit that Tr**ny. Because Skiing is DOPE.