So I'm sitting at the town watering hole again (The Looney Bean) watching pretty decent snow fall with 40 degree temperatures. Still blows my mind how warm it is up here. Anyway, I took the day off from ski school do to this horrible cold that just wont go away. So instead I'm working online and handling updates and such. Anyway, I had friday off since my roommate moved in the night before and I wanted to hang out and help get stuff straightened out at home. That and we had 3 people staying over for the weekend. One of which was my friend Matt. He has been snowboarding most of his life and decided to buy some skis at Ski Dazzle this year. So I got to take him out for his second day on friday (yes I was sick then too, and it did make me worse). We got up, looked out the window and noticed the horrible blizzard conditions. I had my skis in my locker at main and we had to venture up there to pick them up and decide if we wanted to ski there or not. We get about half way and it is solid white out. I pick up my skis and we make the decision to go to June for its second or third day open. We make the drive to June and get very discouraged when there is no snow at the parking level. There were maybe 20 cars in the lot at this point so we opt to go for it. We put on our skis and sit on chairs for about 25 minutes till we finally reach the top. Best decision we could have made. Mammoth had blizzard conditions and we had blue skies and untracked snow. There wasn't much snow, but there was definitely enough terrain to have fun. There were even two boxes for me to enjoy since that happens to be what I am working on. To top it off, I got my friend from doing wedge turns down to smooth parallel turns in one day of skiing. He isn't doing pole plants or picking up too much speed, but he handled Matterhorn great which is fairly steep. I also got him working on ground spins. If he passes me this year in the park, I will be quite sad, but it is seeming like a possibility; he was a really good snowboarder before. Around 3 the wind picked up to around 50mph and we headed home. So upon getting home we discovered Mammoth had almost an entire mountain shut down and issued refunds. They NEVER do that. I was in awe. So we had a great day skiing in the sunshine while everyone else sat inside watching their windows shake from the wind.June is most certainly Mammoth's best kept unhidden secret. Just need to hope they can keep enough business to stay open. //crosses fingers