It's only days away and the launch unfortunately falls on Sunday, which all of you should know is Fathers day so regardless if no one else posts it, I definitely will. These are a couple pictures from a couple of the trips:

Posing in front of the iconic Mammoth in....well, Mammoth of course. Pat Bridges at Snowboarder was kind enough to let us session SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE superpark!
We went Snow Camping. If you haven't gone snow camping and even remotely like camping, you should go. It was my first snow camping experience and probably not my last. The conditions probably helped my frame of mind as it was t-shirt weather during the day, t-shirt weather at night, the moon was almost full and the sky was clear. In other words, perfect conditions.
This is a Quarter Pipe/Hip.
Very cool photo, lot's of ghosts come out at 9,000ft.