Babies, death, satan, drinking, nudity, and skiing.

If you haven't heard of Ski or Die, check these videos out from 2016 & 2017 then come back here.

Now that you're caught up on what Ski or Die is all about, the wildest event in skiing is back yet again and about to blow your minds to hell & back.

Pontus Pentilla Sending It 666cm

New to Ski or Die for 2018 is the team competition and so far, only 24 hours in, the top 3 teams have completed a total of 182 missions.

Team Standings - Follow the Teams as they complete more challenges here.

1. Jotainvittusaatanaa Loose Translation: Something Fucking Satan

2. Worldwide E2 & The Boys

3. Official Nakki Kestit

Worldwide E2 took home the top spot in the Global Ski or Die list and looks like he'll be leading his team to another victory if he can keep up the insanity but Jotainvittusaatanaa isn't going to go down without a fight.

On the individual side of things, there will be a new champion no matter what this year as last year's psychopath Elias Syrja isn't attending due to Finland's mandatory army conscription.

Individual Standings - Follow The Madmen Here

1. Ski OR Die Suicide

2. JerryHunter666

3. KokkoPekko


Stay tuned for highlights from the Death Race & High Jump competition tomorrow! Rumor has it the bar can go all the way up to about 8.3 meters (27.3 feet)...


Mission List

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