Looking at the drop list for next Thursday, the big dogs like Sweden's Henrik Harlaut, USA's quartet of Gus Kenworthy, Alex Hall, Mcrae Williams and Nick Goepper, Switzerland's Andri Ragettli, Norway's Oystein Braaten are the names that stand out and are probably in people's most likely to medal list. Several underdogs are present as well: Mexico's Robbie Franco, Norway's Ferdinand Dahl, Finland's Joona Kangas, and New Zealand's Finn Bilous. To me, none are more under-the-radar than 16 year old Taisei Yamamoto from Japan.


While his FIS results are lack luster, Taisei has the moves that could potentially propel himself into a podium spot.


Trip 16


That Last 5 Though!


Practice Run

If Taisei can lay down a clean run and get into slopestyle finals this year, I believe he can put up a fight with the likes of Henrik, Oystein and others. Who's your wildcard pick to podium this year?