You might have seen our ads beginning to pop up around here and you have most definitely our homepage takeover. You may have wondered, "Who is SABIK...SAH-BIK...SABEK...or however you say that?"

Well I wanted to introduce it. This is SABEK.

Now I don't want to give you some spiel about how I recognized a gap in the outerwear industry I thought I could fill, or how I wanted to bring some innovative new technology to the skiing world. That would be slightly, well, repetitive wouldn't you say? But I will give you a little insight to how SABEK came to be and why we are doing what we are doing.

I love jackets. In fact I love jackets so much that I usually spent all of the money I made from working summers at a ship yard to buy a new one each year. My problem was that during the winter I would get sick of my jacket. It was like wearing the same pair of jeans everyday for 6 months. Of course my jeans were never a florescent pink and neon. My other problem was I was always slightly annoyed when I saw someone with my same pink and neon "one-of-a-kind" jacket. I had paid a lot for that jacket, and deep down I wanted to be the only one who had it.

Three years ago I began to think about a way to eliminate this. One day I saw some of those dumb hiking pant/shorts. You know what I'm talking about. The ones with the zip offs? Well I thought about how that could work with a jacket. What if you could zip off parts of a jacket and switch them out with different colors and fabrics. If I could customize my own jacket day by day, I could switch up my look and diversify myself from everyone on the mountain. It would also make my jacket into a multi-purpose machine. I could put hoody sleeves (cotton), flannel sleeves, down sleeves, etc. on my jacket and use it on the hill or off. It also would eliminate the need (really a want, but I'll say need) to buy a new jacket every year. You could simply buy a new pair of sleeves/hood, and completely switch up your look and style. It would be the same if you tore a sleeve on a branch. You could just get a new sleeve.

Someone could have told me to look at FD Virtika, because apparently I lived under a rock (well actually Australia). I didn't mind though, we have a slightly different style anyways (no offense Virtika). And of course, the jacket needed to be very technical, stylish, and durable enough to compete with the "big boys".

And so it was.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years to when I woke up and realized I should actually do something about it. I made some stellar connections and started the process. It's been long. It's been fun. We looked extensively into what everyone's favorite features about their jackets were, and we compiled them into one. Our first jacket, the "Switch" Jacket, is freaking awesome. Our samples are top-notch, and we couldn't be happier with how the jacket is turning out.

We got started a little late in the design process, so our jackets are expected to arrive at the end of November. Just in time for winter, right? Since it is our first year, we are only making 300 jackets , so make sure to check us out and get in early. Our pre-sale for jackets is starting on our new website on 9/25/13. We'll have a lot of other products for sale as well for immediate shipment.

So all in all, I'm a skier, I love to ski, and I love making jackets. I had an idea, and I worked really hard to make it a reality. I hope you like our stuff.

Check us out at http://www.SABEK.com for a customizable and interchangeable experience unlike any other.

See you on the hill,

Price Foulger

Founder, SABEK Outerwear