It's a fairly easy to argue that Candide Thovex is the best and most well rounded skier today, and likely ever. Tanner Hall is the one skier would could perhaps also lay claim to that title. Looking at the resumes of these two legends made me think: Is a victory on the Freeride World Tour the only thing keeping Tanner from GOAT status?

Stepping back into their respective park days, Tanner might even have an edge on Candide. Take a look at the X Games medals won by the two, and you’ll find 14 total, 10 gold, and the rest silver. The majority of these medals hang in the Hall household, however - Tanner has 11 to Candide’s 3. Both skiers have won gold in all three disciplines, halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air.

In 2003, Candide won X Games gold in the halfpipe, with Tanner coming in second.

After moving on from park competitions, Candide took the Freeride World Tour by storm in the 2009-2010 winter, winning one stage, and adding two more podium finishes to take the overall title. This win showed that he has the skills to dominate every aspect of freeskiing, and announced his transformation in to the skier he is today. Tanner's big mountain accomplishments however, reside solely in his films and edits. Candide’s ability to charge lines at loony speeds, all while sending big airs and big tricks is completely unique, especially with the composure and style he has.

But recently, Tanner has posted clips of some big mountain lines that show a similar full throttle style. His prowess in BC pillow lines is unmatched, save for maybe Sammy Carlson, but the true “skiing” aspects of big mountain lines seem to be a skill that Hall is honing in. It would be interesting to see how he stacks up in today’s Freeride World Tour, which has in recent years leaned farther into freestyle, perhaps giving Tanner a leg up.

Maybe Tanner should focus his competition comeback on freeride contests, not the halfpipe. He has already accomplished more than any competitive park skier ever, leaving just the big mountain arena to conquer, giving Candide, the GOAT a run for his title in the process.