Words: ckoPhotos: cko, Plehouse, D-StructureQuebec CityFor the NS crew, this year's Plehouse World Premiere in Quebec City was not only a nice excuse for a road trip, it was a mission of redemption. Last year despite our best efforts we played the 'fashionably late' card and ended up looking like assholes - and missing the movie, of course. This year we were hosting a radio show at D-Structure beforehand, so we made sure we had our shit together and made it to the show on time. I missed a bit of the ensuing radio show driving up to the premiere venue in Lac Beauport but the turnout was pretty solid and Doug tells me it was magical. Radio show complete with the non-DD members of the crew sufficiently inebriated we headed up to the venue and our accommodations for the night. Le Relais ski center stands out strong in it's more than quaint surroundings north of Quebec City. Lucky, because its main lodge was probably the only building in town that could have held the amount of people that showed up for the show. To be honest I was stunned when the lights dimmed for the show and I actually tried to find a view of the screen. The place was packed but I found a spot at the back to catch a solid 90% of the action. So, here you have the home town boys, showcasing their latest project and it was as enthusiastic a crowd as you could have hoped for. We won't spoil the movie but the largest cheers seemed reserved for JF Houle and Mr. Charles Gagnier, and I will throw a shout out to JP for continuing to lead the way after all these years. Credits rolling and crowd still buzzing, some lobbied for position in front of the stage for the massive product toss, while others searched frantically for beer tickets. Frosty beverage in hand (two beer tickets got you a vodka redbull) the after party raged on as the underagers slowly (very slowly) filtered out. It was a cool environment to have a couple of hours after the show where all the athletes and crew could party with the everyone in a super laid back setting. Always the best sign of a good party is how bad you feel the next day, and judging from the excitement shown from the crew as we headed back to Montreal in the morning, it was epic.

Packing the house in Quebec City.
The Chalet at Le Relais was packed for the show and the endless afterparty that had its share of casualties.
The Plehouse Crew. Even Marie Martinod made the trip from France.MontrealComing off of our mostly-successful mission above, the Montreal premiere this past Thursday was one to look forward to as we were sporting home field advantage. Plus we encountered another good omen when we rallied the troops out the door heading to our radio broadcast at D-Structure a full three minutes early - that's basically unheard of.We were stoked to see that some NS members had made their way down to D-Structure for the pre-show happy hour. We had the local Quebec crowd and some Ottawa natives and hopefully they were all able to get their two cents in on the show. Marie Martinod, Iannick B., Philou, and DC were also on hand to help diminish the beer supply that had some how accumulated in the shop.
The crowd gathers at D-Structure as the NS Radio show plays on.
Garret Brittan and David Crichton chat it up.
Mr.Bishop and some NS members enjoying a lively discussion.Unlike last year there was no separate under-18 showing so the whole thing was brought to an AMC theatre in the city's west end. Yet again huge crowds packed the place and actually caused a bit of a problem as the theatre staff would not start the film until everyone was seated. Drama avoided, they got the film rolling and the crowd was stoked but a problem with the projector had a few people groaning during some key shots as the top of the screen was getting cut off. Frustrating as it may have been I doubt it made a compelling enough reason to not enjoy the movie. The crew snapped some shots but had to jet from the show in order to properly prepare for the after-party held at Roy Bar off of Saint-Denis. Roy bar may not be the classiest establishment ever but it's a great place to hold a party for a bunch of skiers. $8 pitchers flowed freely and there were even some more beer tickets to be found, but the heat in the bar was forcing us to make frequent trips outside for cooler temperatures for the duration of the evening. Though I did not see this party to the end the way I had in Quebec I enjoyed myself immensely and had one of the largest poutines I've ever seen in my life on the way home, so I'll still call it a success. Thanks to all everyone at Plehouse and D-Structure for the hookups. And don't forget to visit whiteshine.com for more tour dates.
This is where the magic happened in Montreal.
Fred Larue in full effect.
JF and Charles, taking a break from signing autographs.