So after we finished out urban trip to Nelson we headed back to Whistler to start shooting pow, and for me to test out my new sled.

Rie reppin his and my new sleds.

Lucky for us we managed to get back just in time. As we rolled back into town the storm was just finishing up and passing on. Within a couple days we had a tone of new snow and the clouds broke and left us with a perfect blue bird week and dry, fluffy powder.

Getting above the clouds early in the morning.

First day up was not actually my first day riding my sled, but if you were there you would think it was because of how many times I got stuck, but hey you gotta learn sometime. We tried to hit a couple thing that didn't work out as well as planned but towards the end of the day we built a sweetass jump that we would save for day 2 so that we would have better light.

Next morning we get up even earlier so that no one poaches our jump and this time I was a little quicker on my sled. Were riding up the trail as the sun is rising and eventually we get to our previous spot to find a perfect jump with sun all over it and the biggest smiles you could imagine.


Jump #1

Rie is about as stoked as his dirty mustache.

After our jump session we found a cool mini-golf line that led into a wind lip that we shaped out.

 Couple turns into drop, into...

Wind Lip

For our next morning adventure we went to hit this cliff band that is usually pretty awesome, but today we were joined by Alexis and Dan Carr.


Dan Carr

So yeah, we each sessioned our own part of the cliff band and then kept on going to built another jump.

The cliff I got to hit

And the angle from up top

Our jump that we hit just before the end of the day.

On our way down Rie blew a shock on his sled or something so he had to sit the next day out and get it fixed. But we still went up and went back to the cliff band, hit a different area and again proceeded to build and hit another jump before the sun set.


Another top angle from a different take-off

Shaved er out of a wind lip on this one.

Our final day was our final day for one specific reason, WIND. We built this sick hip and we figured the wind would die down by the time we were done building, but unfortunate for use it didn't. Hopefully well go back. We hit it once each and realized that not only was the wind to strong to get any speed, but the snow was already packed by the wind and not very soft. We headed back down and decided to take a few days off the sleds and wait for some new snow.