The seasons have changed quickly here in Tahoe. It feels like summer, but there are patches of snow hanging around on the shaded slopes and mountain tops. Usually, I go through a period of feeling sad around this time of year. Sad that the ski season is over. This year, with the rapid switch of seasons, I've been excited about the short summer that I get to experience here in Tahoe.

The last trip of my season was in Whistler. The sun is a special element in Whistler. It is the element that ties everything together for a perfect day of filming. Sometimes it can tease you behind the clouds and other days it can turn powder into hot pow. This trip, the sun treated us well and when it was was on.
I have to admit, looking at these photos is already getting me excited for winter next year. Reliving this trip to Whistler brings back fond memories and lot's of smiles on the mountain. I had the opportunity to ski with James Heim again and I continued to take mental notes on everything that he said related to skiing, picking lines, filming, etc.
In the above photo, Heimer is launching off this bottom air. Although the photo doesn't give it justice, he landed out of view to give you some perspective. Looking back on this year, I've learned a ton thanks to people like Heimer. His experience with filming and skiing lines was incredibly helpful for me this year. It was super fun to get different perspectives on the mountain through different athletes. 
Jacob Wester was also riding with us. He was crushing lines and spinning off of everything. I'm really excited to see his entire segment this year. 
This photo sums up a lot of my trip to Whistler. Looking down untouched lines and waiting for the camera guys to get ready gives me an antsy feeling. I was cursed with the clouds for a few days in a row as well. I would be about to drop in and then the clouds would cover the sun and I would have to wait on top of my line for the sun to shine again. This photo is actually making me antsy right now remembering the feeling of waiting and waiting....waiting. 
Despite the waiting game, I had some amazingly fun runs in Whistler. The snow was ideal, the crew was awesome, and I couldn't imagine the trip being any more productive in terms of skiing. 
Looking back on this season makes me really happy. I had a lot of change going into this season and I couldn't be more excited about it. With all new sponsors, pretty much, and a whole new direction I was fired up. Huge thank you to all those that supported me this year including Mountain Hardwear, Atomic, Squaw Valley, Smith, Dakine, Kicker, and Matchstick Productions. Without the support, I wouldn't have been able to live out this dream of filming for an entire season with MSP. It truly was a dream come true.