I thought it would be fun to show you were I started my skiing adventure. It started here, in Storlien, Sweden. I got my first pair of skis (Salomon Vincent Dorion pro-mod) for christmas in 2004.

Black park ahead! Ravinen.

As it is now, the park is pretty simple. The park-guru up here has moved and quit his job last year, and it is not quite the same to be here anymore. We miss you PEN!

A little spine to do butters on, kind of cool!

Upper part of the park. Three boxes or a down-box, jump and rail.

I had an awesome week up in Storlien this easter, and hopefully when I come back next year, we will have a kick-ass jump for the BOMBA-bigair which got cancelled due to bad snow-conditions this year.

Snowing like never before today. I am nothing feeling to good, and I am kind of tired of beeing sick… third time since I came back from the US.

See you soon, hopefully skiing tmrw.