The New year

started with a bang. For a week straight the Rage crew posted up in Jackson and scored

endless bottomless powder days. After a week of foot plus dumps and upset

athlete/photographer girlfriends, the crew decided to relocate to Utah. Promising

forecasts of Utah’s

sunny weather and the recent snowfalls lead us to believe in perfect filming

weather. With our arrival we quickly scoped a few cliff drops in the famous

Grizzly area and awaited sunshine.

      The following

day our hopes were met by a typical bluebird Utah day. The crew consisting of Kyler

Cooley and Dylan Natale quickly began hitting a perfect platform cliff drop

feature. After a productive session we moved on to other cliff drops and ended

the day propping up a large step down feature. Although the forecast called for

below zero temperatures, we looked forward to more sunny days. Ever since

Monday mother nature has thrown us a wildcard. In each of the last few days,

clear patches have let to snow and clouds and our BC jumps have sat idle. We

are now awaiting the new storm, and with some luck by next week the skies will

clear and it will be on.

     In a bit of a

side note, another Rage crew mobbed to central Colorado to do some filming. They were

greeted by –31 degree temperatures. Cold enough to keep their vehicles and

snowmobiles from turning over. Although the weather’s been a bit of a bitch,

its nothing that a bit of intuition and hand warmers can’t solve.

Peace, and stay warm