In this episode, we discuss the creation of Tell a Friend Tour, Andy's tips for getting sponsored, his thoughts on sanctioned competitions, and more.

Show Notes

0:00:00 Anchor Ad Read

0:00:30 Introduction

0:00:57 Andy Parry personal update

0:01:35 Tell A Friend Tour COVID-19 update

0:02:34 TAFT sponsors & personal sponsors

0:04:40 What is TAFT & wow does Andy Parry fit in?

0:07:27 Origins of TAFT & activation tours

0:09:45 Pitching Traveling Circus and activation tour to Line founder Jason Levinthal

0:13:40 Approaching sponsors, cold calls, building brand recognition vs. direct conversion

0:20:52 Selling yourself as an athlete out of high school & responsibilities of a sponsored athlete

0:29:25 Differences between Andy Parry and competition skiers

0:34:00 The death of cash rail jams thanks to FIS, USASA, and Olympics

0:42:58 Being a video-part skier

0:51:15 TAFT being disinvited from mountains & changing views on sanctions

0:56:20 Future of Tell a Friend Tour

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