I do not play games, and I also think games are not well. But when I begin to know the game Aion, I just recognized that my opinion is wrong. I have to change my mind on the games.  

The first time I heard something about the game is Aion Power Leveling, I heard it from my older brother, and he always play this game when he enter in the college. One day, I came to his home, he was playing this game online, and I found it is very funny. So I asked him what game it is. He told me that it is Aion   

At first, I can not adapt to the person I controlled in the game, but soon I found that I can connect my finger with the keyboard. If I want to turn left, it will press that button. If my weapon is not strong enough and I want to change it. I can use only the keyboard and the mouse. That is wonderful. I have not known Aion PowerLeveling can do such things.   

Soon later, my brother come back, he look at the computer screen, nod his head. He says I played well, I win a lot and improve my level for a little. He said I do not need Aion PowerLeveling these days.  

As a new game, when his familiar, Aion design have been completed. Moreover, the development team continued with the game, according to the views of those who add new spacecraft and equipment.   

I think Aion is a game suit for newer.