1. Sleeping

2. Woke Up

3. Brushed My Teefies

4. Put Some Crisp Clothes On

5. Ate A Waffle

6. Drove my dads BMW M3 to the mall

7. Walked around the mall

8. Almost bought a tanner hall jacket

9. fixed my ipod

10. Drove to an Audi Dealer

11. Got to drive the new Audi R8 V10

12. Drove back home

13. Sat down and played PSP

14. Walked down stairs and got on my computer

15. Played Skate 2 on my ps3 (psn account: shiny48)

16. Brushed my teeth

17. put on my night cravate

18.5. raced to the bathroom

18. Went to sleep

Well that it. her her her her