We are doing everything possible to keep our minds off the upcoming snow season that is quickly approaching, snow in the Wasatch, shitchyea! Lately, we have been exploring some of Utah’s finest recreation with the Saga Outerwear friends and family. Turning and burning go karts is the answer, non of that imitation stuff, these are the real deal at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. You can get deadly on these and we would expect nothing less to have a good time. Below Andy forges a signature on the waiver while Wiley blesses jah for karting.

Andy Partridge came to race.

Moon senders.

They scrambled for kart #14, “but it’s the fastest”, you better bring home a trophy.

The area to the right was the fastest part of track, I got all the beta.
Miller getting aggro on the turns, he brought his own helmet, that’s enough to say he wasn’t here to loose.
Scott hit “the puddle”, should have seen the rest of him.
Tony showing the proper straight-away form.
Now i’m just being the track photographer.

Look who got kart #14, hmmmmm.

Alright enough go kart photography but trust me there is more, it was a tubular time being out there with the homies.
Austin and I even stacked enough footage during the afternoon that I could cut together this Days of Thunder style edit, low fives for a job well done. How epic is the native flute in the background, Watch the edit already!

Saga Outerwear Race Day from Saga outerwear on Vimeo.

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