Despite all the bad luck Chile has had over the past few weeks with the

earthquake and after shocks, Evolve Chile has managed to continue its

operations for the new lodge in Termas. It looks like everything should

be completed by the end of May. All of the windows, doors and flooring are completed. The next stage of the project is putting in all the fine detail. Campers this summer can expect nothing but the best from our new lodge. We are not holding back on anything, just to name a few of the amenities...outdoor heated tubs, private mini park, skate pipe, two lounge areas equipped with big screen tv's, pool tables and more and best of all super comfortable rooms with views to the mountain.

Evolve Chile Lodge Teaser II from daniel on Vimeo.

If riding pow all day and jibbin the park all afternoon isnt enough for you dont worry, we haver our own private mini park on the back side of the lodge. There will be 4-6 different features and best of all it will be lit up for night time sessions.

The new decks just recently went up. The rooms on the bottom floor all will have their own private little deck. There will also be a large main area for us to chill and hang out outside.

Thats a backside view where the pool and hot tubs will be constructed. The pool might not be ready on time for this year but at least the hot tubs will. We will also have a chance to lounge in the natural hot springs located at the base of the mountain.

All the black rock is volcanic rock which is taken from a volcano erruption that happened in the area hundreds of years ago.

Thats the fire place inside the lounge area. The lounge has two floors, both with views to the mountain.