Cover Photo by Jamie Walter

For 10 years, the who's who of skiing transcended upon the glorious glacial flow of Mount Hood in early May for the annual West Coast Session. Complete with a team video aspect as well as some of the most eye pleasing photoshoots I've seen, WCS was one "contest" that everyone looked forward to year after year. This year however, is the first time there won't be a WCS since 2006 and I know I'm not the only one who is bummed about that. Thankfully, videos created throughout the years are still around for our viewing pleasure, these are some of my favorites:

Team Syrup Sippers came in hot from Canada with that sweet, maple flavor to WCS 10.

Team Proho (WCS 9) was a team of "AMs" competing with pros for Hood supremacy. I think they did all right...

Colby Stevenson bringing home the MVP AND Best Trick award from the final WCS. The kids been on a tear ever since, putting out a banger video part in "Dawn of the Corkers" & other fuego PC edits. You need to keep him on your radar.

Former Line Traveling Circus filmer Shane McFalls & homie/filmer of the Brighton PDF Files series Jeff Kohnstamm made one of the trendiest/rad/hipster/whatever-you-want-to-call-it videos for WCS 7. Production-wise, this is easily one of my favorite edits from West Coast Sessions.

Last but not least, Max Morello letting it all hang out during the WCS 8 featured feature shoot.

Rumors have been swirling that West Coast Sessions is coming back but in a different format, clearly not this year but perhaps in the near future. If you want to relive the great times from West Coast Sessions, head here.