Just getting back yesterday from west coast session, I am absolutely worked after editing for 12 straight hours to get my West Coast session video up and running online. Having to start of the session with bad weather, the last 2 days brought sun, fun, and an endless bag of shots. And with Bentley meeting up with me, and 3 of our own riders in the shoot, things went off.Me and travis durtschi head up tuesday afternoon of the 22nd, and roll into windells. The days in the camp just chillin, and getting to meet tons of dope new people was awsome. Dan Met us there the morning of the first shoot, and he was ready to throw down.Unfortunately Cloudy skis, and mild weather kept us from getting the shots we wanted, but we were able to get the most out of things and started to really get the hang of the park by the end of the day.Check out the video on the front page, to see my update from day 1.The second day was a pow day at meadows, and while i had every intention of taking out the camera to film, i never did, just having a fun day of riding and chilling at hood.The third day of the shoot, was a Private pipe shoot at meadows, and as sick as that was, no one wanted to ride pipe! So we went over to the jump line, and a newly arriving skiier cedric tremblay fournier showed up with other DOS filmer Bentley Atteberry. Lucas Wachs even came up for the day to lap the park with us.Dan once again absolutely slayed every jump he hit with ease leaving us to wonder why does he NOT have a sponsor!!!??The last day of the session was open to the public, but that did not stop us from still getting more and more shots. Dan Once again destroyed everything, while Cedric killed it with rodeo 9's, flat 5's, and Travis durtschi sessioned the big jump getting some double tail 7's.And that concluded our trip to the West Coast Session. We came home the next day and edited our asses of until 5 in the morning. So rather then telling more story, and posting more pictures... You can go ahead and check out our video from the sessionhttp://newschoolers.com/web/content/videos/id/188259/and dont forget to check out Overlooked dropping fall 2008.