Words: Ethan Stone

Mt. Hood gleams under the sun as we pull into the parking lot at Timberline for a brilliant fourth and final day of this year's West Coast Session.

For everyone who's come up to ride, the day is just beginning, but for others it's been long underway. Night-shift park groomers are finishing their laps, ready for home and sleep, but maybe only after some fresh morning laps on their own corduroy. Park crew is scattered through Paintbrush and Conway's parks, sweating with rakes in hand. Lifties put up their rope lines as Loran the ticket-checker, always waiting, ceaselessly twirls his scanner.

After all this work, it's time to have some fun.

Amplid rider & WCS volunteer Shawn Craddick holding it down in his home park. photo: Drew Smalley

Joss Christenson zero spin blunt. photo: Rocky Maloney

Training the barrel. photo: Stone

Every West Coast Session ends with a public jam day where anyone and everyone is invited to come shred at Timberline with the invited skiers from our shoot. The inevitable result: hordes of two-plankers from who-knows-where descend upon the parks like a plague of locusts.

Another Newschoolers sticker sighting. photo: Stone

Alex Martini. photo: Stone

There's a special treat on hand for anyone who came hoping to watch some totally extreme ski stunt action: a hearty afternoon session on the big jump up in Windells lane. Gaping weekenders stop to gawk as double flips get stomped one after the other, while back in the parks our friends from Hillcrest Ski & Sport down in Gresham fire up the grill, serving up free hot dogs for the masses.

Old-timer Kyler Cooley shows the young guns how it's done. photo: Maloney

Tosh Peters is spinning while grabbing the tail of his ski. photo: Maloney

Brady Perron. photo: Maloney

Tyler Barnes right where he wants to be. photo: Stone

Steve letting it all hang out. Switch 5. photo: Stone

Style assassin Sean Jordan. sequence: Maloney

16-year-old Nick Goepper unleashes a double cork 1260. sequence: Stone

Half park skier, half US Ski Team aerialist, 100% badass Dylan Ferguson bridges the gap between aerials and big air. We expect the blunt grab to come soon. sequence: Stone

Just like it began, the day slowly but surely comes to an end for almost everyone on the mountain. Sunburns are gingerly dabbed at as vehicles of various makes head down the hill, past gas stations and general stores where 12-packs vanish from coolers in preparation for tonight's festivities.

But the day's work/play isn't over just yet for everyone...

Can anyone say SUNSET SHOOT!!!

Look at that beauty of a landing... photo: Josh Malcyzk

Up they go... photo: Malczyk

Kyler Cooley gets the shot as the next wolf pack is towed up. photo: Stone

Nick Goepper, cork 9 double tail. photo: Maloney

Will Berman soars on wings of steeze. photo: Maloney

The session lasts through dusk, and stars appear in the sky as a few tireless skiers brave the rock-solid inrun and landing for a few more hits in the twilight.

Joss Christenson. photo: Stone

Alex Martini cork 7 blunt at 7:42pm while Duncan Lake gets the shot. photo: Malczyk

Ben Moxham. photo: Smalley

Will Berman. photo: Smalley

I can't tell these next few skiers, someone want to to help me out? photos: Smalley

White wine goes well with a sunset. photo: Malczyk

Shazam! Somewhere a fat lady is singing. Another West Coast Session in the bag. Thanks for watching, and keep an eye out for our wrap-up article coming soon with all the "good" shots.

WCS Day Four edit by Hennie VJ

Follow Cam edit by Brandon Pastucka