Have you ever wondered what happens on Arrival Day at Windells? Where do you go? Who is your counselor? When do you meet your coach? What’s for dinner? To give you a sneak peek into Arrival Day at camp, here are a few photos. As for dinner, it’s BBQ!

Windells Orientation is like a huge pep rally, with Chef Ryan and Enzo welcoming everyone to camp. All of the coaches, counselors, and camp staff are there, too, so you get to meet everyone. You will also will find out who your coach is during orientation, it could be your favorite pro…

Stickers! Did you hear about Saga’s tshirt canon? Yep! During Orientation it rains tshirts and stickers from camp sponsors. After Orientation, you get to meet your coaches outside and then you have cabin orientation, where your counselors go over all of the information about camp that you will need to know.

Knockout is a pretty much going on all the time at camp. Pick up a basketball and grab a few friends and within minutes you’ll have a huge game going, as everyone who walks by will jump in line. You can even play against your favorite coaches, like Head Snowboard Coach Danger Dave, here.

Girls’ Learn to Skate clinics with great coaches get you on skateboards for the first time, or help you brush up on your skills. If you didn’t bring a skateboard, you can borrow one for free from the Demo Lab.

There’s lots of time to explore the skatepark. You will walk around and see amazing tricks going down all the time just like this. Skate Coach Ian Neal picks his nose on top of Dex’s Store. You don’t have to be able to do this yet, though–there’s skatepark for all ability levels.

Skate Coach Ian has been skating the Concrete Jungle every summer. He’s around every day to give you tips and help you improve your skating.

Jousting in the foam pit! There’s lots of games and clinics going on all day in BOB (the Building Out Back), our indoor skatepark, foam pit, and trampoline building. Learn new tricks, play around, and just have fun!

There’s so many games and activities going on your first day at camp

Don’t forget to get your gear ready for riding and skiing! The waxing station is set up to get your board and skis ready for the hill!

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