Welcome to Nine22 Apparel!!

This is the first of many news posts, and I would firstly like to use if

to say thanks for coming and checking us out!!

We are an Australian born clothing company, producing tall clothing for

your viewing pleasure!! With a rider driven focus, and a technical

approach to our garments, we are bringing something slightly different

to the table!!

Check out our website at http://www.nine22apparel.com for more information!! We have

an epic team, and some sick colourways that we hope you will love!! It

is almost impossible to explain everything we have going on in this

newspost, without repeating everything on the website, so go on over and

check it out!!

But... one thing I do have to do is announce the team...


Johnny Lipzker

Jodan Cook

Mac Taylor

Tom Costa

Matty Myhill


Spencer Milbocker

Karl Fostvedt

Nick Miles

Corey Roberts

Pat Baskins

Nine 22 Apparel Promo from Judd vanMelle on Vimeo.

Here is a quick little promo vid/edit for you all to check out!! I wish

we could bring you the pics of th real garments, but I can assure you

they are coming soon! I think you will all be super stoked on the team

we have, and, like you, I can't wait to get a whole bunch of edits and

further news posts up for your viewing pleasure!!



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