Country: Germany

Age: 26

What made you start wakeskiing?

In Sommer 2009 I met Jens at my homespot WildWakeSki on promotion. I tryed the Stereoskis and fell in love …

What do you like about Stereo Skis?

Everything! They are super light, the boot is very comfortable and the grindbase is perfekt! I have a lot of fun with shredding obstacles, riding kicker, rails and of course inverts. Free and independet riding … that’s great!

Are you working on any new tricks?

Everytime on the water I try to do something new. In the next time I wanna save up my Blind Judge and try some new Kicker-Tricks.

What do you do in the off season?

In the off season I go twintip skiing and hang out with my friends.