Hey everybody! Looky looky the news section is finally taking off! This is the first of many weekly news articles that are meant to sum up the week(s) past. In here you will find recent pictures of new jibs (completed or ongoing), ideas and/or solutions/discoveries for problems and/or methods of making jibs, any FAQs and their answers that have recently been floating around the cult, and any other general news. This article will cover the month of January as a starter for the series. Hope you all enjoy it!

Recent Pictures:

I'm gonna reach a little farther back than the beginning of the year, simply because there aren't that many pictures posted only this year (2008).

t3dizzle set this up in his friend's backyard:

Fischer.Skier made this 8ft single barrel flat:

TerminatorX made this 10ft PVC shotgun:

ginty posted some pictures of what seems to be a summer set-up:

hthsk1 posted a picture of his killer backyard park: (when you open this one it's a really big hi-rez photo - so it's great to explore the pic and take a close look at all hthsk1's features!)

headyskier's colourful shotgun rail:

dirty_drew's 10ft shotgun:

mkotten's backyard set-up (note the shed dropin!):

Problems and/or Solutions:

These are any interesting problems and/or solutions that have been discussed recently. Hopefully some of you can get something out of these.

#1: Copper or Steel? (dirty_drew)


dirty_drew recently made a thread asking whether he should use copper or galvanized steel for his rail-in-progress.


The replies to the post all tended towards the steel over the copper, mainly because copper is generally soft and it catches very easily. As a result, dirty_drew went to Mernards and bought two lengths of 1" x 10' E.M.T. steel conduit, and made it into a shotgun rail. He did, however, mention that he and his friend experimented with some copper and found it to be surprisingly less soft than people think. He also said that the copper slid well without any waxing, however they did end up catching an edge or two and bailing.


"dont even touch the copper you will hang up like a bitch." - steezy-e

#2: PVC vs. Composite Decking (lebo.)


lebo. wants to know which would work better for a rail being built.


In the replies, it seemed that PVC was the better of the two, simply because it's much cheaper. ($3.50 per 10ft according to bsmith01) Also, t3dizzle said that composite decking must be wet to slide half decent, and that it leaves shit streaks on your skis.


By the sounds of it, PVC is a much better option than composite decking. I know that wherever I've seen it it's retardedly cheap. Not to mention how many people have successfully used it in rails previously!

#3: All About Coping (BkCountrySkrMO2)


What should be used for coping on a box with HDPE? How should it be attached? Is it really necessary?


An easy way to figure out problems like these is to look at how the feature in question is built at your local terrain park. This is what I did, and as a result I have some terrain park quality jibs in my backyard - simply because I knew exactly how they were supposed to be built. For this problem in particular, I would use some form of steel piping. I would attach it by screwing it onto the side of the box so that the top of each pipe rests flush with the top of the HDPE. (If you were to lay a ruler down on the HDPE, it would touch all of the HDPE, and just touch the top of each of the pipes) It is not completely necessary to use coping, but I would deffinately reccomend it as it prevents your edges from digging into the HDPE - causing you to fall.


Not really sure what the conclusion of this should be... I think coping is necessary, and that it should be done with steel piping or something similar.

Questions & FAQ's:

Any recently asked questions or FAQ's that have been posted. If you have any answers or suggestions to one or more of the questions, please reply to the thread in which the question exists (follow the link).

#1: The poor man's rail (2+2=5)

"Whats something that is really really cheap or free that i could use to jib? I just built a starter from snow but i gotta find something cheap and fun to do, i dont wanna spend money (if anything a little) and it doesnt have to be high or anything."

Thread Link: http://www.newschoolers.com/web/forums/readthread/thread_id/334109/

#2: What should I build? (skibiz)

"I have a really big yard with a hill in back and i dont know wut i should build in back. I'll build any kind of rail or box i just need some ideas. And what kind of top is good to use on boxes?"

Thread Link: http://www.newschoolers.com/web/forums/readthread/thread_id/345824/

General News:

There isn't much news as of yet, other than the fact that THE WEEKLY NEWS ARTICLE HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that's it as of now. I know there isn't much juicy in it as of yet, but don't worry there will be soon! Be on the lookout for a photo contest in the near future. More details will come about that. Maybe there will be prizes? We'll see.

Photo of the Week:

Seeing as it's the first article, I think it's fair to reach back a bit to find a nice photo. Also, seeing as it's the first article, and because I couldn't decide on one in particular, here's 3 photos that I think are just so absolutely fuckin' sick!

603's S-Rail!

jibmaster_josh's Doghouse Jib!

And of course...

hthsk1's absolutely ballin' Backyard Park!

That's it! Peace!