friday i played basketballball with a few kids after renting fast times at ridgemont high. thats a tight movie. at night there was this 200 kid brebuef party with rob and chris. rob got trashed so i drove his g35x. i havent drank in awhile. dunno maybe i just dont like risking it anymore unless im sleeping somewhere else. chris doesnt drink. after a bunch of people went to chris's to watch enemy at the gates. that was also tight as fuck. saturday night my friends rob and jim rolled a shitty blunt parked at clay terrace after we just got out of hollister. i dont like shopping there, just sitting and reading freeskier and snowboarder. i had a few cigars. i was the DD and driving rob's g35x. it was tight as hell. i love that car. its so choice. we then saw chappeles block party. we saw it kinda downtown and were the only white people besides this one white chick with a black guy, but as rob said, she doesnt count, because bitches aint shit. i went home, went on the computer. some girl said she wanted to come over because she didnt want to be at her house because a ton of people were there. so she asked to come over. shes dece. ive done shit with her in the past. so im like "what do you want to do?" and shes like "nothing oral". haha i meant like watch a movie or something. so she came over. we made out and i got her topless. shes like a 36D so it was pretty good. then i went downstairs and found pretty much nothing. it was like she was born without a clit. i thought i had the wrong hole. she left around 4. i slept until 2 pm. sunday consited of homework, cadbury eggs, and the movie "idle hands" its really a funny movie. go rent it. jessica alba is in it and at her maximum potential. next weekend should be fun. road trip with all those boys and jeremy to chicago i think.