Hey guys!Got back from a weekend in Oslo late last night. Saturday was the premiere for Eyes Wide Open, I'll give you a post about that night as soon as I get some pics. In the meanwhile I'll tell you what I did yesterday! I was a judge in a freestyle soccer battle hosted by Red Bull. I was one of the three judges, the two others were pro and I don't really know much about freestyle soccer, at first I was a little worried that I would judge it wrong, it's always best if the best guy wins. so I was judging who put on the best show and my vote did'nt really matter. I think it was only one time I did'nt vote for the same guy as the other judges so it went really well. It was a cool experience, I've played soccer all my life and I watched a lot of movies on youtube of this stuff so I wasen't clueless I just don't know the technical difficulties of the different tricks.Here's one of the judges warming up the crowd before the show started.