so i had a sick weekend. friday was a snow day, and mid-blizzard i

went to my friend jakes house for some sledding which was awesome. we

hiked down to this huge hill (dubbed penis mountain) and sledded there.

we also made a jump in his back yard and sledded off that which was

pretty epic. we ended up getting snowed in there and we stayed over.

    saturday, after going home from my friend jake's house, i stopped

at home for about an hour, then went over my friend alex's to hit a few

rails that he had setup in his yard. one of my other friend brought

some rails he just got and it was pretty sick. we built a little jump

separate from the rails, and we had a sick day.

    sunday was a little disappointing. i was originally supposed to go

to Sunapee in NH, but our ride situation didn't work out and that plan

failed. luckily I'm going up there christmas break, which i'm pumped

for seeing as i haven't been up there in like 2 years.

well that's all for now

later gang,