This week at Ohio Dreams has been a great one for skiing. We have had so many guests come in and help out including Chris Laker, Nick Goepper and others from Windells Camp. And of course Cody Ling was here another week but will be leaving us before week three. The guests not only came to help out but really showed off on our water ramp and new trampoline throwing everything from slow cork 3's to unnatural double corks and flips. Not only were new tricks being learned on the trampoline and water ramps, but the giant slip-n-slide was also seeing all kinds of new flip and spin variations. Below are just a few of the pictures that were taken during the water ramp session. We will have a trampoline edit up later next week with all of our guests in it, so keep an eye out for that. Ohio Dreams was so glad to have all of these guests here this week and were looking forward to their next visit.

Nick Goepper throwing a Cork 9 off our big water ramp. (Above)
Another view of Goeppers Rodeo 9. (Above)
Cody Ling reaches for his grab in a flat 3 japan. (Above)
Below Goepper on Water Ramp. (Above)
Alex G. throwing a tweaked out 3 at Ohio Dreams

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