I am leaving in 4 hours for a Vegas weekend, a last little mini vacation before

the season.  Before I leave I'll update everyone on what I know.

It has been cold enough

to blow snow down in the low pockets of the city, but as you get on the mountain it warms

up and has been hanging around 30 every night. Lovely Inversions.  So you may have to scrape your

windows and put on a heavy jacket, but that's why you look at the resort and

haven't seen any new snow this week.  The forecast for this weekend calls for

temps lowering into the lower 20's with snow expected Sunday and Monday.  How

big this storm is, I don't know.  I've been watching it this week and it has

lost alot of the strength they called for earlier in the week.

We have

new features and Brooke and his team of artists have been up painting for the

last few weeks.  No pictures of the work though as they aren't done yet

but you'll be able to see them on the snow and in future updates.  Chucky and I

have been up the last couple weeks welding, bending, replacing plywood and lexan

and the general repairs.  The warm temperatures don't make us happy but it has

been nice to be able to drive the loader and truck into the boneyard and work on

things without the fingers going numb.

If you have any questions, let me know by email or comment or voicemail...  I'm almost always available and

usually in the office until 10pm or sometimes midnight.