I got on NS a couple days ago and I am just bombarded by amazing content from Candide's "One of Those Days 2" to the latest Good Enough "Good" to Daniel Hanka's "Smelly Socks 1.1". I can watch edits like this time and time again.



My middle school self would have aspired to make videos just like these and in fact, not much has changed, as I still want to make edits like them! I would have never even thought that my videos could be viewed amongst ones like such, but NS has really changed the game. As my friends and I have progressed over time NS has allowed us to show more and more people what we love to do. Thanks to NS my edits will occasionally shoot to the top of the site and then, even if only for a brief moment, there is a sense of satisfaction to see your own content amongst that of the pros. I feel like Wayne and Garth do in Wayne’s world when they meet Alice Cooper!


Here is one of my earliest edits it's pretty bad but at the time I made it I thought it was badass


After around 55 edits I created this. Honestly I still don't think it compares to that of the pro's edits that we all see on NS everyday, but in that moment where your video hits the top of the page even the average joe can feel like a pro.


Now my next edit "Back at It" is dropping soon from Tahoe aka San Diego soon and I'm still as stoked as ever thanks to NS!