Well it’s official The Rossi Scratch’s have been won by:

Roger de Freitas from Wesley Chapel, Alabama, was the lucky one out of the 80+ people who bought the pre-order in the last 2 weeks.

The draw was done randomly just an hour ago at the D-structure shop in Quebec city.

His skis are being mailed to him as we speak. We should get a picture of Roger with his skis once he gets them.

But it’s not over!! All of you who have not won the Rossi Skis are still eligible to win a brand new Siver or Salomon suit or (for the last week) Smith goggles and a Salomon backpack filled with D-structure goodies. Plus all the people who buy the White Shine pre-order in the coming weeks are also eligible. You can check out the pics of the gear in the news section of http://www.whiteshine.com

That’s it for now. Make sure to get your copy of White Shine ASAP to win more gear.Peace