Jeff and I went up to the water ramps in Park City this week to practice some tricks.  We have gone before, and it is a really good time.  If you have never been, I highly recommend you check it out.   They have different size jumps so that you can work on anything from a 180 all the way up to a triple cork 1440 or beyond.   Here is a link to their website. My group decided to start out with warm ups on the trampoline.  This meant, however, that we only got about 1 hour on the ramps.  So I would recommend you get a trick in your head that you want to work on, do it a few times on the tramp, and then move order to maximize your time on the water. If you have never been to the water ramps before, they are way more fun that you would imagine.  To help keep you from slapping on the water, the park blows air bubbles up to break up the surface tension.  The air also makes the landing feel slightly more firm, like snow. I was working on Cork 9's and 10's today.  For some reason that trick has always been a bugger for me to stomp.    My 3rd jump my ski came off on the lip because I set the spin too hard.  They ended up telling me that the jumps would close in 10 minutes anyway and wouldn't let me swim down to get my ski until after the session closed.  I was bummed. Because I couldn't jump anymore I gave my GoPro Camera and Chest Mount to my brother Jeff.  I told him to do something sick, and he really did. He had never attempted a double flip before, but he almost stuck this one.  Video below: