Scott Damond, Nicky Keefer and Andy Partridge have been tearing up the water ramps in Park City this summer.  Axis Freeride has water ramp camps going on all summer up at the olympic park.  Thankfully Salt Lake won the bid in 2002 which spurred the building of the massive Olympic park that can be seen as you pass on highway 80.  What is even better is that they allow newschool skiers to practice on these ramps, Halfpipe is going to be in the Olypmics and you know that Big Air is next!

These pictures are from the Axis Freeride Facebook page, check it out for more updates and Info.

Scott and Andy Waiting to Drop
Keefer capping that tail, these jumps get you really high
Nicky wearing the Slimer
Scott in the Southbeach boardshort
Andy partridge way up there
Keeping the skiing alive all summer long.

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