After my injury at Mt. Hood put me out of commish, I got some down time to relax, and think about things other than skiing.  I went to my families lake house and messed around on a wake surfer.  It is amazing how a sport without bindings is so much nicer to your body, no wonder Wolle Nyvelt is so into that noboarding scene.

Wake surfing is as close as you can get to wave surfing, it actually feels the same and you get 10 times the length of the ride, you can ride forever essentially. The wave never ends, its really fun and a good way to get practice for wave surfing in the ocean, so your not just a dead paddler out there, like I usually am.

Water makes up 60% of our bodies, and it seems like I spend at least 60% of my time on snow, or in water.  Summer is not so bad after all.

Glassy cool refreshing water
All the gear is here, shorts and a board, so simple right?
Julies braclets
a different kind of water, muddy yes, fun still? yes

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