I always thought blogs were lame, but this one is on NS so it must be cool. And it will give me a forum to post some of the random stuff I write while working a night shift or tryin to get to sleep after one.

Well, this fall has been insanely, stupidly wet on the east coast. Now if it would only get cold, we'd be laughing. Ahh, dry light powder... Why am I still working in Ottawa again?

Im oficially in winter mode now, got the new boards for the season (Monster 88's, baby!) been to the movie premiers, and checked out the TNL rail jam in Ottawa last weekend.

Good times with the boys from the Fortune ski patrol, watching Andy Stewart kill it on the hand rail.. 270 on, sick. Dave Crighton was silky smooth as always.. so good. Denise Jaworsky represented the females well and even took home some cash.

Then it was off to the Hart and Crown where it took some 'negotiating' to get our crew in... but eventually we all got in and a good night of drinking ensued, followed by some random running around downtown with some NSers looking for pizza and trying to get home. The hangover was even gone in time for one last day of rock climbing in the Gats on Sunday... whats with 15 degrees in November?