WSSF Update – World Skiing Invitational Superpipe By Chris O'Connell Whistler Village - With most of the athletes even more impressed with the pipe than yesterday, the venue was set for one of the best halfpipe competitions to date. First off though, the ten remaining spots in the finals had to be chosen in the Superpipe qualifier. Myles Ricketts, and Kye Peterson boosted high out of the pipe to earn their spots in the finals while Ryan McKeenin threw down massive 900’s on the right wall and impressed everyone. Jordan Monk mixed big airs at the top with even bigger technical spins at the bottom to surprise the judges and Simon Dumont wowed the crowd in qualifying finally sticking his signature air at the bottom of the left wall. When it was time for the finals all of the athletes stepped it up and put on a great show. Chris Turpin showed off his Horizon, and was the only athlete to bust out a switch trick in the whole competition. Belanger, and Larose went big as they always do while Dave Crichton was able to link what looks like a 180-to-lincoln loop to his infamous flatspin 5. Scott Hibbert went big spinning 900’s but just couldn’t link an entire run together to move up in the standings. Philou worked the pipe with his tight style and back to back 900’s while Candide’s smooth flairs, grabs and air-to-fakie’s were almost unbeatable. I say almost because relative unknown Jordan Monk, who had to qualify this morning, had the biggest straight airs of the day and was the only one to attempt, never mind stick, a 1080. In the end the judges rewarded Monk for his variety and amplitude with first place. Candide earned second while Philou took third. After the Superpipe competition was completed a rider-judged SuperHit competition got underway. Everyone was pushing hard for the $5000 first place prize but in the end it was David Crichton beating out Chris Turpin and others for the cash. With the first annual Superpipe competition in the WSI now finished, the last event of the weekend, the Orage Big Air, goes off this evening from 7-9pm. Organizers have managed to get Ozomatli to rock the mainstage and with the weather looking perfect, it should draw a huge crowd. Check back regularly for more action from the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.